The woman who stood by Bobo Jelčić


In his new project, Bobo Jelčić will try to give a fresh perspective on the perils of todays, concentrating on endangerment of the individual in the pandemic/post-pandemic world. In this project, Jelčić will focus on the emotional and social issues. He will continue his exploration of the presentation types in theatre. What is the basis of the scene emotion? How is one to express this emotion? Is the theatre entitled to emotions or expressions of emotions? Is the right way exactly the opposite, to suppress the emotion and allow it to resurface in a different manner? In the case of the emotional, the starting points for theatrical re-imagination will be the Korean film The Woman Who Ran. The other approach would focus more on the social endangerments, thematizing the impact of society rules on the individual. The starting point would be Sorry We Missed You, a film directed by Ken Loach.

Jelčić is not interested in the result, but in the proceeding – the actors in his plays do not question the possibility of reproducing reality, but of freezing moments of everyday life, moments bearing traces of the actors’ personal stories as well as of those of the characters they are playing. Such acting eliminates all differences between the active and the passive, and annuls the imperative of following determined models or views. Theatre thus becomes elusive, extended, or disseminated into reality, and vice versa. There never exists a single perspective, a single reading, a single ideology, a single solution, subject, centre, or periphery.

Premiere May 2022

With the actors of the ensemble of Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Zagrebu


Bobo Jelčić was born in 1964 in Mostar. In 1990, he graduated stage directing from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. He also works as a professor of acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

He has staged plays by Büchner, Gogol, Chekov, Ionesco… In collaboration with Nataša Rajković, Jelčić has co-directed Observations (CNT in Varaždin), Slowing Down and Insecure Story (&TD in Zagreb). In his authorial projects, he often uses actors’ improvisations as dramatic material, blending elements of documentary and fiction.

Bobo Jelčić is one of the most prominent Croatian stage directors. He directed plays in all the major theatres in Croatia, as well as theatres in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. He won numerous awards for his theatre projects, including the awards at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Wiener Festwochen and the International Theatre Festival in Sarajevo. Her performances were presented all around the world: Paris (Festival d’Automne), Lille, Berlin (coproduction HAU), Helsinki (Festival Helsinki), Moscow, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Ljubljana, Beograd. So far he also directed three feature films.