ARTE’s mission to strengthen understanding and ties amongst people in Europe with culture and inspiring, innovative, programmes has never been more relevant than it is now. The only way to understand today’s major challenges is to analyse them and put them into context. Strongly committed to this endeavour, ARTE, a Franco-German channel for Europe, has the skill and the will to do just that. Synonymous with creativity on both the small screen and the silver screen, ARTE has earned itself an unrivalled reputation in Europe’s media landscape with its high-quality content and open view of the world. For more than 25 years, ARTE has made a major contribution to showcasing cultural heritage and a rtistic life in Europe and beyond. ARTE now boasts a pan-European audience, a development it owes both to its high-calibre programming, as well as its ambitious digital strategy that is forging further ahead with new technologies, such as 360° wrap-around, virtual reality, and a range of programmes available in six languages. 70% of Europeans can now watch ARTE in their mother tongue. We aim to open up new horizons for viewers and fully involve them in the future of television. We invite you to share with ARTE diverse experiences that know no borders.