The actions


Great creations

Each year, production and tour of a major work of a director in residence in one of the countries concerned. Theatre managers and administrators in Europe are finding it increasingly difficult to find partners to produce large-scale artistic projects and to exploit them successfully. It has been some time since film and television focused their development on international networks to reach a wider audience. If the theatres come together, it means that they will not only be able to respond to proposals, invitations and other opportunities, but also that they will be able to launch initiatives by themselves and turn them into long-term and profitable cooperation projects for all partners. Working at a European level allows the pooling of resources, of energies and the use of big stages. It also makes possible more ambitious creations. Artists who are able to exploit this opportunity will be able to offer large-scale productions.

Associated artists

Annual support for the production and tour of directors associated with partner theatres. Each institution designates an associate artist with whom it will work, and Prospero co-produces the creation, which will then be presented three times in the other cities.

Young artists

Provide support to six young directors chosen by the six institutions: internship with a confirmed director, support for their next creation and their tour. Young artists need to be involved in theatrical life because theatres are places of the future, places where projects take place, dialogue and research, and where people’s passion can lead them to make links with other artistic fields. Places and their teams must therefore ensure that all this is passed on to young artists, who in return will share their desire to take risks, their ability to meet challenges and their tremendous vitality.

The organization of European research

In order to boost theoretical research in Europe, the ten members of PROSPERO will pool their networks. They will form a group that will ultimately be able to generate a permanent high-level international exchange, whose strong point will be the organization of two symposia.

Training of young actors

The performing arts are taught in various ways in all the countries involved: we must be able to share these traditions. Over the next five years, we plan to organize meetings between pedagogical teams and exchanges where sixteen students per class will study in a foreign school for at least one month, in order to immerse themselves in another country, in another culture and in other learning methods.