The seven axes of the project

Present new forms and new content

Helping in particular the research for writing combining different disciplines and different media, contribute to make the arts more accessible and support creation as a source of sustainable development.

Support young directors

Artistic renewal is made by supporting new creation and innovative forms. The relative flexibility of the theatrical device allows young directors who have the desire and who have an ongoing research project to meet specialists, to present their work to professionals and to be discovered by different audiences.

Confronting traditions and artistic research to feed theoretical thinking

Different types of meetings involving artists, sociologists and philosophers from various countries must be a central element of this axis. Sharing reflection is also a factor in educating the public.

Assist in the training of actors

The different methods used by different training centres can be used to share experiences and develop synergies. The relationships created between the students can give rise to new exchanges and create a healthy emulation. It is about producing a new generation of actors through exchanges between teaching teams, and immersion of classes in other countries, other theatrical cultures and other teaching methods.

Contribute to language development

Cultural cooperation should encourage linguistic diversity. Presenting shows in the original language with surtitles makes it possible to rediscover the living character and the musicality of languages, and shows that one can also understand a language through the poetry attached to it.

Take into account the diversity of populations in each country

We need to re-examine the relationship with immigrant populations at a time when migration is on the rise. With the mixing of populations, the integration of differences is a form of enrichment. It allows each citizen to become aware of his sense of belonging, and to be confronted with other cultures within his own living space.

Participate in the artistic and cultural construction of Europe

It is about strengthening the commitment and the support of the populations to the creation of Europe, by creating a poetic space capable of proposing new sensitive links between the individual and the collective, from the most singular to the most universal.