Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Modena

Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione (ERT) is an Italian National Theatre.

The head office of the Foundation is in Modena, where it runs two theatres (Teatro Storchi and Teatro delle Passioni). Moreover, ERT manages two theatres in Bologna (Arena del Sole and Teatro delle Moline), one in Cesena (Teatro Bonci), one in Vignola (Teatro Fabbri) and another one in Castelfranco Emilia (Teatro Dadà).

Since April 2021, Valter Malosti is the artistic director of ERT.

Production is the main focus of ERT’s activities, we believe in the value of sharing our artists’ dreams and projects; we work to build connections with local audience focusing on its demands in order to establish a relationship with people. Thanks to a multitude of languages, ERT productions are included in the programs of theatres and festival in Italy and abroad.

During 2018 / 2019 season, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione presented nineteen new productions and co-productions. Moreover, some shows from the last seasons will be on tour as well. These productions and co-productions are directed by: Koen Augustijnen & Rosalba Torres Guerrero, Teodoro Bonci del Bene, Simona Bertozzi, Ferdinando Bruni / Elio De Capitani, Elena Bucci / Marco Sgrosso, Davide Carnevali, Pippo Delbono, Daria Deflorian / Antonio Tagliarini, Declan Donnellan, Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Nanni Garella, Chiara Guidi, Stefan Kaegi, Kepler-452, Matthew Lenton, Claudio Longhi, Katie Mitchell, Margarita Musto, Pier Lorenzo Pisano, Marco Plini, Falk Richter, Giorgio Sangati, Teatrino Giullare, Enzo Vetrano / Stefano Randisi.

ERT organizes VIE Festival with the goal of crossing the contemporary world, of intercepting new identities and subjectivities which stand out in the field of live performance. VIE Festival has taken place yearly in February/ March. It focuses on the contemporary creation, wants to give to the look the responsibility of finding, of searching where the strength of the new is hiding today, the artists who are able to explore the areas of contact between the performing arts, the expressive areas where leaving the theatre interacting with dance, music, visual arts and cinema. Among the guests of VIE past editions: Romeo Castellucci, Dead Centre, Sergio Blanco, Gabriel Calderon, Lev Dodin, Jan Fabre, Alain Platel, Marco Martinelli/ Ermanna Montanari, Motus, Mathilde Monnier, Joseph Nadj, Alvis Hermanis, Pascal Rambert, Rimini Protokoll, Virgilio Sieni, Thomas Ostermeier, Meg Stuart, Dimitris Kourtakis, Krzysztof Warlikowski.

Atlas of Transitions, new geographies for a cross-cultural Europe (2017-2020), is one of the winning projects of 2017 “Creative Europe”, that involved ERT and national theatres, contemporary art centres, non-governmental organisations and universities of 7 European countries among which Albania, Belgium, Poland, France, Greece and Sweden will altogether activate an intercultural dialogue, participation strategies, reciprocity and interaction practices between European citizens and newcomers.
Atlas of transitions questions the potentiality of art, theatre and of the relation between performing arts practices with a view to examining the controversial aspects of the actual migratory phenomenon – the extraordinary relocation of populations triggered by wars, territorial disputes, religious conflicts, poverty and climate change.

One of the main activities of Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione is in the field of theatre education. ERT manages the Scuola di Teatro Iolanda Gazzerro for young artists, and a one-year specialization course open to candidates having a theatre school diploma or any professional theatre experience.