Teatros del Canal

Teatros del Canal is a modern complex dedicated to performing arts that was inaugurated in 2009 in the Region in Madrid. It comprises three venues: the Red Hall, with a capacity of 850 seats; the Green Hall, a multi-use configurable theatre space with 440 seats; and the Black Hall, with 110 seats. On the other hand, the Centro Danza Canal (CDC) is a building integrated in Teatros del Canal with nine rehearsal studios that offer a space for artists working in the creation and dissemination of dance and other arts of movement. It is dedicated to supporting creation and mediation, and is aimed at becoming a space for reflection.

The program takes a close look to the new languages and performing arts that are pushing the boundaries, emphasizing that this new stage opens a stable space for dance and movement arts.

Movement, freedom and risk are the three words that define theatre. Movement as an understanding of performing arts in evolution; freedom as the creation and selection of diverse, active and transversal proposals; and risk as the opening of new languages that nurture the audience’s curiosity and foster an intellectual and emotional participation.

As a public theatre, it has become a platform that supports the understanding of the artistic creation, where conversations can be generated among the different agents involved in the local, national and international cultural landscape. This support takes the form of co-productions by artists and companies.

Another relevant aspect that we would like to address is the development of the audience, who is aware of the need to bring contemporary performing arts closer together.

In this sense, we will develop a contextualization activities agenda on programming: in the first place, we have workshops that allow all audiences, including its youngest members, to gain a better understanding of our programming; secondly, we have scheduled numerous conferences; and finally, we have developed activities for babies and different audiences. And we must not forget about the meetings with artists or the workshops for professionals. We cannot talk about increasing our audience if we do not give them access, especially regarding the economic aspect. For this reason, we have established a pricing policy in accordance with our concept.

Every two years, the PLATAFORMA project is launched in May as a space to support and promote the companies and artists who are developing their work at Teatros del Canal and the Centro Danza Canal. It is an unmissable date for national and international professionals, where both renowned and emerging artists from the areas of theatre, dance, new languages and the arts of movement can present their work and projects.